Concerned about germs?
We are too.

Bonding with animals provides many benefits to us humans. But whether you're petting the family dog or a goat at the zoo practicing good hygiene is a must.

We take every precaution possible to make sure our visitors play safely.

Like healthy people, healthy animals carry germs too. Here are some common sense precautions to keep in mind while visiting:


Clean your hands.
Use soap and water, or sanitizer after touching animals, fences, food baskets or bedding.

Avoid hand-to-mouth activities.
Never eat or drink while interacting with animals. Do not put your fingers near your eyes, mouth or nose until after you've washed up. Pacifiers and handheld toys should be hidden away.

Don't touch poo.
It may seem obvious but those little germ-filled poop balls can be intriguing to kids.

Do your homework.
Before visiting any petting zoo or farm check to see that it's USDA approved to ensure the owners have met government standards for cleanliness and animal care.

For more information on public health, Visit the Center for Disease Control website >>


We admit, we spoil our kids too. From our gregarious goats to the 1,000-pound cow, our animals get the best of everything. Their morning starts with a health check then a fresh breakfast of grasses and grains. Next is bathing and brushing followed by a thorough cleaning of their pens. After the zoo opens, our animal residents spend their day getting petted, pampered and adored... all while snacking on boatloads of healthy veggies. Life is good on the farm.

Guinea Pigs



At ZOOMARS, we take safety seriously. So here are a few rules to have fun by.

Pet animals gently. Use slow movements and a soft voice. Don’t run, jump, yell or chase. Animals deserve our respect and should be treated with care and kindness.

Animals are not toys. They have feelings like we do and may bite or scratch if made to feel uncomfortable. Ask a Zookeeper to show you how to safely pet, feed and hold the animals.

Even healthy animals carry germs, so be sure to wash or sanitize your hands after petting.